Trending: Failed jewelry heist, cannabis vs. pot, gigantic spider, and best dad catch ever

In what's trending today, Dan Cooke shares surveillance video capturing a failed jewelry heist. What the crooks don't know is that the owners have shatter proof glass protecting their merchandise. But they still don't give up trying again and again to get to the loot. Dan says, it must be a good core workout.

Howard Dicus got an email from the Hawaii Dispensary Alliance that requested that we call marijuana "cannabis" and nor pot, weed or anything else. He said, "my first reaction is, I'm the journalist and I will not be dictated to on word choice." Howard went on to say that in fairness to them, and speaking as one who has zero interest in smoking pot and didn't smoke pot even as a teenager in the late sixties, I do think that a serious issue has often been trivialized by news writers looking to write pot puns. He admits that he does it too, when I think a dull story needs spiffing up. But some stories are interesting on their own, and need no help. Medical marijuana is such a story.

Grace shared a tale about an Australian couple that was held hostage by a gigantic spider. Huntsman spiders are known to get large, but this one was the size of a dinner plate. They're not necessarily fatal to humans, but they're known to bite if harassed. The couple said even the cat was afraid of it and they were stranded in their house. They decided to break the stand-off by trying to crush it with a glass door, but it got away! They've since renamed it "Aragog", the name of the giant human eating spider from Harry Potter. The couple says they're not sure if Aragog is gone for good, hiding and lying in wait or has gone off to the forbidden forest.

Steve shared a two part video. Last year, Devon Fowler pretended that he had forgotten his son's birthday. He then surprised Braheim with a baseball bat which made him cry, he was so touched. Well, Braheim has been practicing with it. And while his dad was out in the stands, shooting video of his son at bat, he hit a whopper. It was a home run that the dad caught while still shooting video. Very impressive.

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