Business Report: June Tourism Report

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Last month, there were 4.5% more visitors, staying 3.7% more days, spending 3.7% more money. Basically, things improved before more people came. There's an exception on one island, which we'll get to.

The big story this year is resurgent Japanese tourism, but in June we also had a 10% spike in visitors from U.S. East. Even with a decline from "elsewhere," elsewhere-plus-Canada is more than Japan. That's the diversification of our tourism that cushions us against a downturn in one place or another. More than half of our June visitors stayed on Oahu, but about half as many flew to Maui. Kauai is punching above its weight, not far behind Kona. Lanai had more visitors but their spend was down 26%, while Molokai visitor count fell about 2% but visitor days and the total spend actually grew.

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