Business Report: Walmart's 'roadmap' for American manufacturing

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Let's discuss this new Walmart "roadmap" for American manufacturing. Will we be saved by the guys who tied us to the railroad tracks in the first place? Walmart is so big that it can tell suppliers "This is what we'll pay." To meet the price, many suppliers moved manufacturing to countries where labor was cheaper.

Walmart prospered. And eventually, so did its workers. If you shopped there you benefited, unless your local store closed because it couldn't match their prices. Walmart's new "roadmap" pushes for MORE U.S. manufacturing. It cites a lack of qualified workers. It plays down the main obstacle, those lower labor costs overseas. It cites financing, regulation and taxation, none as big a factor as low labor costs overseas. It reads like lobbying for tax breaks and regulatory relief.

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