Trending - GMO embryos, Cubs Babies and Spider on live TV

In what's trending today, Howard Dicus got this story from the MIT Technology Review.  It broke the story of the first known attempt to genetically modify human embryos. A team in Portland, Oregon, edited embryonic genes to show it could be done. The embryos were not allowed to survive more than a few days. There was never any intention of implanting them into a womb. And this has been done before in at least three experiments in China. In those experiments the modification didn't always "take." That means this, at least now, an unsafe way to create a person. Last year, the U.S. intelligence community said the technique was a potential weapon of mass destruction. Howard said an example of that would be to genetically modify and create the perfect soldier or somehow add in a debilitating or terminal disease to a population.

In lighter news, Steve talked about the latest World Series win by the Chicago Cubs. It was a big deal! Apparently, a LOT of Chicago Cubs' fans took their enthusiasm home with them. Dr. Melissa Dennis...from from Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center...says the hospital usually gets a spike in babies born during the Summer. But this time's even bigger...and it seems more than coincidence that it happens 9 months or so after the Cubbies won. In her 14 years at Illinois Masonic, Dennis said the only spike more significant than this month's was attributed to the 2011 blizzard in Chicago that many deemed a "snowpocalypse."

Grace shared video of a television reporter in Dallas, Texas. While on live TV, a spider crawled down Shannon Murphy's left arm and she didn't react at all. Amazing poise? Yes. But also, she tweeted that she didn't know it was a spider at the time. Can you imagine if this ever happened to Steve?? Haha! Cue the scream.

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