Local Connection: Nuclear Attack Preparations

Our state government generated more unfortunate international headlines last week by announcing that it was preparing for a potential nuclear attack by North Korea.

Emergency Management officials admit there is almost zero real chance of such an attack, even if the renegade government develops the capability.

They point out that any attack on the U.S. would lead to annihilation of the North Korean state.

But despite the low risk -- and lack of any real plan -- our governor apparently felt the public needed to be reassured that the state was taking action.

The result was an announcement that civil defense officials are resurrecting the old wailing-tone attack warning. The plan is we should be ready to take cover immediately because there won't be time to find real shelter. Be prepared to hunker down for up to a couple of weeks until the radiation cools down, and bring a radio because every other form of communication will be silenced by the micro-burst.

The alarming message got the whole nation talking about Hawaii being a target for North Korea.

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