What's Cooking: BBQ Chili

What's Cooking: BBQ Chili

Kings Hawaiian BBQChili

Yields 48oz, 8 6ozportions

1lbs       Ground Beef

2 14oz   Stewed ordiced tomatoes

8oz         TomatoSauce

8oz         KH SmokedBacon BBQ Sauce

1c           Zucchini (MedDiced)

1sm        Onion (Med Diced)

2ea         CeleryStalk (Med Diced)

1ea         Corn (cutoff the cob) Approximately 1c of corn

1ea         Bell Pepper(Med Diced)

8oz         Black Beans(Cooked)

3Tbs       Chili Powder

1t            Paprika

1Tbs       Salt

1t            BlkPepper

¼ t          CayennePepper

1ea         Bayleaf

-         Sear Ground Beef with a little oil, season withsalt and pepper

-         Add onions, celery, bell pepper, corn, zucchini

-         Add spices and cook

-         Add cooked bean, tomatoes and BBQ Sauce

-         Simmer on low, for 1-3 hours