Trending - orbiter, upcoming books, fan meets Wonder Woman and tattletail dog

Trending - orbiter, upcoming books, fan meets Wonder Woman and tattletail dog

You've probably seen or at least heard of the fidget spinners. They have been really popular among kids, but now the orbiter could be taking its place. It's a magnetic fidget device that allows you to disassemble, flick, spin, and roll it.

Howard Dicus said, "I'm currently reading Charles Stross's new novel The Delirium Brief." It's part of his series about a secret British agency that repels threats from other dimensions. Stross writes funny horror novels, combing H.P. Lovecraft with the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Dan Brown is famous for The Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons and Inferno, because they all became movies starring Tom Hanks as Professor Robert Langdon. The next Langdon novel is called Origin and is due out in October. Lee Child writes the Jack Reacher novels. Tom Cruise made two into movies, but there are 21 novels and novellas in the series, and the next one, called "The Midnight Line," comes out in November. John Sandford writes the Lucas Davenport detective novels, usually but not always set in Minnesota. The 27th, Golden Prey" came out in April and was set in the Deep South. A detective working for Lucas Davenport, Virgil Flowers, now has his own series, and the next Flowers novel is due out in October.

Steve shared video that Variety posted on Twitter at Comic-con in San Diego. It shows a young female fan meeting Gal Gadot, the actress who plays Wonder Woman. The fan starts to cry because she is so overwhelmed with emotion at seeing her hero in real life. Gadot comforts her in a sweet way.

Grace showed two Labradors who are undergoing an intense interrogation. Their owner want so know, which one of them stole the cookie off the counter. As you watch, you'll see that one of them betrays the other, repeatedly. It's a hilarious video of a dog turned tattletail.

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