UH rolls out new program to train bank tellers of tomorrow

UH rolls out new program to train bank tellers of tomorrow

By Pono Suganuma
HNN Summer Intern

MANOA (HawaiiNewsNow) - When going to a bank, people may expect to see tellers assisting with financial transactions. But a former Hawaii banking executive thinks traditional bank tellers will soon be a thing of the past.

"Instead you will see bankers that are prepared to serve every need of the customers, and that person will be a 'universal banker'," Ed Pei, former executive vice president of the Hawaii Bankers Association said.

A new training program from the University of Hawaii is educating individuals on how to become a 'universal banker.'

The program, which launched Friday, educates students on the evolving banking industry.

But what exactly is a universal banker?

A universal banker is a sort of hybrid teller who can perform the tasks of a traditional teller, a personal banker and more. Essentially, it's someone who specializes in everything bank-related

The new UH course was influenced by banking executives and human resource directors who identified the valuable skills needed for banking and finance, and they made an agenda on how to improve potential talent.

UH president, David Lassner spoke about the program at the universal banker training launch.

"It's a hybrid in-person and online program for universal bankers to help create the employees that the banking industry needs," Lassner said, "as they try to thrive in an incredibly competitive, global dynamic and changing environment of financial services."

Training will be available through non-credit programs at UH Community College and can be taken online, face to face or in a blended format.

The Hawaii-centric training program was developed by bank subject matter experts, a universal banker steering committee and a UH curriculum design team. It is also piloted by current employees from local banks such as First Hawaiian Bank, Bank of Hawaii and more.

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