Sunrise Summer Concert Series: Keauhou

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Kahanuola Solatorio, and brothers, Nicholas and Zachary Lum released their eagerly anticipated self-titled recording "Keauhou" in September of 2016. The name was suggested by Hailama Farden while the trio played music at the Kamehameha School's Midkiff Library. This library is home to the wa'a (Hawaiian canoe) named "Makani Hou o Keauhou," under which the group performed. Translated as "the new wind of Keauhou" this wa'a became the inspiration for the group name, "Keauhou." While the Hawaiian language offers a multiplicity of meanings and translations, the group's name can be translated as "the new/renewed generation."

This name defines the young trio, as they strive to bring forth inspiration from Hawaiian music of the eras preceding them, and contribute to a renewed respect and interest for the incomparable beauty of traditional Hawaiian music. These three graduates of the Kamehameha Schools Kapalama found their musical roots through their involvement in the many musical and cultural opportunities offered at Kamehameha Schools. They sang in the Concert Glee Club, played in the Band, and both Lum brothers held the esteemed positions as their class' student director in the world-renown Song Contest.

Kahanuola, Nicholas, and Zachary are degree-carrying students of the University of Hawai'i at Manoa.  Kahanuola recieved his Bachelors of Arts degree in Hawaiian Language and Hawaiian Studies, and his Masters degree in Education. Both Nicholas and Zachary recieved their Bachelors of Arts degrees in both Hawaiian Language and Music.  Both are also Masters candidates in their fields: Hawaiian Language and Ethnomusicology, respectively. All three are active and passionate educators and cultural practitioners in their field.

In 2008, Keauhou was awarded first place in the unamplified traditional Hawaiian music contest, "Ka Himeni Ana," held annually at the Hawai'i Theater. Since then, the group has performed at a variety of esteemed public and private events.

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