ARCHIVE: Foster mom helped 'Peter Boy' heal after months of abuse

(Image: Hawaii News Now)
(Image: Hawaii News Now)

The following story on the disappearance of Peter Boy Kema was first broadcast by a Hawaii News Now station on May 30, 2005. For an extended look at the investigation into Peter Boy's disappearance, tune in to 'Lynn Kawano Investigates: Inside The Search For Peter Boy' at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, July 20, 2017. 

Onekahakaha Beach Park is perfect for small children – it's where Erenna Chesebro took her foster son to heal.

"Peter Boy was different," she said. "We brought him here so that he could make his legs stronger."

The water relieved the pain in Peter Boy Kema's broken legs and broken ribs – lasting side effects of a young life filled with physical abuse.

"The little boy back there, that would have been him," Chesebro says.

Erenna Chesebro took Peter Boy in when he was just two-and-a-half months old, already bearing the marks of an abused child. In the three years he stayed with her, his body healed.

But in 1994, Peter Boy's parents, Jaylin and Peter, Sr., took him back.

In 1997, his grandmother called Chesebro.

"And she said 'We can't find Peter Boy,'" she said. "And I screamed and screamed and said, 'I told you folks, I told you folks.'"

Chesebro feared Peter Boy had been killed – he still hasn't been found since. In 1994, she wrote authorities begging them to focus on Peter Boy and find those who hurt him.

"I was just told blunt 'he is not your child, mind your own business,'" she said. "It doesn't help the boy being a nuisance."

Eight years have passed – slow and painful years, with no sign of Peter Boy, and no peace for Chesbro. Now, it's even harder for her to look at pictures in a framed filled with memories.

She planned to give it to Peter Boy when he grew up, to remind him of a time where he was loved.

"No, when this goes home, it goes back in the closet," she said.

Chesbro says she doesn't follow the Peter Boy case in the newspaper, and won't watch this story on television. The only surprise that would help is if they really found Peter Boy.

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