ARCHIVE: Peter Boy's siblings recount moments of abuse, neglect

(Image: Hawaii News Now)
(Image: Hawaii News Now)

The following story on the disappearance of Peter Boy Kema was first broadcast by a Hawaii News Now station on July 15, 2005. For an extended look at the investigation into Peter Boy's disappearance, tune in to 'Lynn Kawano Investigates: Inside The Search For Peter Boy' at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, July 20, 2017. 

In the pictures, they're always smiling.

Allan, his sister Chauntelle, and their little brother Peter Boy – but photographs don't show the pain that was part of their everyday life, especially for Peter Boy.

Chauntelle called her little brother 'Pepe.'

"There isn't even a reason that would get him, like, kicked or punched or anything," she said. "Pepe got thrown out the window… I mean, he was bleeding from his head. I saw him get shot at with a BB gun."

They say their stepfather, Peter Kema, Sr., beat all three of them.

He would just start hitting them with a stick," Chauntelle said. "Punching, throwing, slamming."

Peter Boy was the main focus of his rage, the siblings say.

"Peter was drunk, and we were standing in the driveway and he kicked Peter, little Pepe, kicked Peter right in his face," Allan said.

Allan and Chauntelle don't want their faces shown, but they do want to tell their side of what happened to their half-brother.

"I don't… I don't remember. Like once, Pepe stayed inside the house except for when he stayed in a room with no rug, no nothing," Chauntelle said. "A bucket to use the bathroom in."

The siblings have returned to the Big Island only twice in the past six years. They see their grandparents, but they refuse to see their mother.

"I want my mom… I want my mom to come out with some truth," said Chauntelle. "I just want her to say something and stop hiding. Stop feeling guilty for yourself. It's pretty pathetic.

Alan still has nightmares. Chauntelle  says she doesn't.

"What I remember from Pepe was him being scared, him bleeding, him getting beat up," she said.

They both wish they could've done more for their brother, but they were children too.

"Eight years. I mean, almost just about eight years. I mean I really don't think he is alive," said Chauntelle. "It's sad to like lose hope like that."

Allan says he hopes Peter Boy is in a better place – thought if he is, his brother knows he went through hell to get there.

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