Horses on the highway near Kahuku go viral

KAHUKU, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Gen Vave of Hauula was running a bit late headed to work early Monday morning. She was headed down a stretch of Kamehameha Highway near Kahuku when a whole bunch of horses got in her way.

"Rushing my kids to my in-laws, and I'm going on a stretch," said Vave, of the stretch of highway near Malaekahana State Park. "It's 45 miles per hour, so everyone pretty much goes fast. And then all of a sudden we see just a herd of horses, literally, in the middle of the street."

Vave pulled over to the side of the road and shot a video of dozens of horses as they headed down the highway.

"It was cute that there was a leader," she said. "They all crossed the street one time, a few was at the end, and they all went to the beach. So I guess it was a hot morning -- they all wanted a dip in the ocean."

"A gate got left open early Monday morning, and they decided to go for a stroll," said Greg Smith, who owns Gunstock Ranch. All 40 of his horses got out, but they didn't get far.

"Down the road a little bit, headed into Malaekahana Beach park, and actually turned around in there real quick and then came back home," said Smith. "So they were only out there about ten minutes."

Vave posted the video on her Facebook page and was surprised by the attention it got.

"The video going viral, that was -- wow," she said. "I posted it at 7, I got off work at 3. And there was over 17 K views already."

No one -- horse or human -- was hurt. And Smith is grateful that motorists stopped to let the horses pass. But he agrees it was quite a sight.

"Luckily this is a straightaway here, so I think everyone could see it -- far enough ahead they could see it," he said, laughing. "Forty horses running down the road."

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