Grandmother of girl who starved to death makes first court appearance

Grandmother of girl who starved to death makes first court appearance

HILO, HAWAII (HawaiiNewsNow) - Henrietta Stone spoke softly and kept her head down during her first court appearance Tuesday.

The 59-year old was indicted for second degree murder, one year after her granddaughter starved to death.

Stone's attorney, Stanton Oshiro, argued that the $100,000 bail was too high. He argued for supervised release, "My client has no prior record of any kind that would disqualify her or even impact, quite frankly, on the decision," he told Hilo judge Henry Nakamoto, "She has nothing. There's no history of illicit substances, there's no history of, essentially anything."

Stone had custody of the 9-year old girl who was found emaciated on June 28,2016 in Stone's Hilo Town apartment.  She was taken tot he hospital where she died hours later.

The girl's parents, Tiffany Stone, 33, and Kevin Lehano, 49, both had their court hearings Monday.  Bail was also maintained for each at $100,000.

The State Department of Human Services, specifically, the Child Welfare Services division has had contact with the girl since she was just a toddler, sources tell Hawaii News Now.  The girl had been failing to thrive and caused concern.  Sources also say, she was put in foster homes more than once over the years.

A spokeswoman for DHS says state law prohibits the agency from commenting on specific cases so she could not say why the girl was returned to the family and allowed daily contact with her parents.

Henrietta Stone's trial was set for November 13, the same day as her daughter, Tiffany Stone's trial. Kevin Lehano's is scheduled for December 4.

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