The Search for Peter Boy, Part 6: The Burial Site

The Search for Peter Boy, Part 6: The Burial Site
(Image: Hawaii News Now)
(Image: Hawaii News Now)

ABOUT THREE WEEKS pleading guilty to manslaughter in his son's death, Peter Kema, Sr., was put in the back of a police car to guide law enforcement to a remote location along the Puna Coast, south of Mackenzie State Park.

It was here, he told them, he threw a cardboard box with Peter Boy's remains into the ocean.

"Some of his responses were simply motioning and pointing where to go," said Big Island Police Capt. Randy Medeiros.

Days later, Peter Boy's family went there, too.

Authorities took Peter Boy's siblings, his grandfather and aunt to the undeveloped area, where lava rock meets the sea and crashing waves send water onto the shoreline.

The drive out along the Puna Coast felt familiar for Peter Boy's older brother Allan Acol, but when they stopped along the lava road, the family was deeply disappointed. It was not a place they had visited before.

At the site, the family said a prayer and lit a candle.

They didn't leave anything else behind because police still wanted to conduct a thorough search of the area.

As they watched the ocean waves crash against the jagged rocks, they knew they were never going to be able to bring Peter Boy home.

For days, county, state and federal crews combed the area on land and in the water. They found nothing. Decades of hurricanes and high tides had washed away any evidence of his remains.

And shortly after directing police to the spot, Peter Kema Sr., took a lie detector test to prove that he was telling the truth.

He passed: The remote spot is Peter Boy's final resting place.

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