Pets' upset stomach - when to go to the vet

It's one of the most common problems among pets, their tummies are upset. That can mean they're vomiting or they have diarrhea. Veterinarian Richard Fujie, from the King Street Pet Hospital, appeared on Sunrise to talk about the problem. He said that he sees these cases on a daily basis at his practice.

You can give your pets relief with over-the-counter medications that humans use. He said to call your vet to ask which ones to use and to make sure you give them the correct dosage. He warns that some human drugs are toxic to animals, so be careful. For example, Tylenol can be poisonous to dogs while Peptobismal and aspirin are dangerous for cats. One thing that you can feed your dog, a diet of soft cooked rice and bland chicken meat.

While most cases resolve themselves in 12 to 24 hours, Dr. Fujie recommends that you should consider bringing your pet in if their symptoms last longer than that. And if they seem more severe than usual, that's a sign that they should seek a vet. These symptoms can be a sign of something more serious like an inflammatory bowel disease or the result of eating something weird. He has seen dogs eat everything from pantyhose to plastic and socks. If your pet is lethargic and not eating, definitely seek professional help.

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