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No need to paddle out: New wave dock lets surfers run on water

(Image: Volcom) (Image: Volcom)
(Image: Volcom) (Image: Volcom)

Surfers are running on water in a new video that's making waves online.

Volcom teamed up with Stab magazine in their newest video, named “The Dock.”

It features a 100-foot, segmented floating dock that seems to slip over the waves, allowing surfers to run and jump into action rather than paddling.

Maui surfer Imaikalani Devault joined other Australian and Brazilian surfers to test the dock in Bali.

“I thought I could try to outrun the thing to the end and just jump off and go straight,” Devault said, in a Volcom blog. “But the wave caught up to me and knocked me right off my feet.”

Although hypnotizing in the video, many of the surfers noted the dangerous nature of the dock given its wires and because it could be unpredictable.

“The dock’s been scary. At one stage I just came up, got my board, and saw it coming right at me,” said Ozzie Wright. “But I like the chaos of it.”

According to the blog, the experience was overwhelmingly comical.

“I have never laughed so hard I think ever,” Devault said.

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