Seahawks' Bennett sounds-off on Buckner, Beast Mode, and sibling super bowl rivalries

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Michael Bennett has become a fixture on Oahu during the NFL off-season. Not only does he train in Hawaii, he also holds charity events, and brings dozens of fellow NFL players to the islands trying to turn Hawaii into a destination training location.

Recently Hawaii News Now caught-up with Bennett during his latest training camp, the NFL Pass-Rush Training Academy, which is being held at Hawaii Optimum Performance, to discuss super bowls, sibling rivalries, NFL up and comers, Marshawn Lynch, and staying on top of his game.

"A lot of people think it's talent. But it's about your work ethic," said Bennett.  "How hard you work, or what you do. How hard you work everyday. How much you persevere. How much you dedicate to your craft."

Bennett's hard work has led him to a super bowl championship, multiple Pro Bowls, and a Pro Bowl defensive  MVP award. But now, it's the next generation of NFL stars, and one local product in particular pushing him to be great.

"I'm lucky to be working with a guy like that," said Bennett about training partner and 49ers defensive lineman, DeForest Buckner. "I think DeForest will eventually be a defensive player of the year. I think he has the talent to be able to be able to do that. I think his physique - I keep telling him - there's nobody like him. He's not normal."

But it's not just a division rival pushing him in the gym these days, there's a sibling rivalry motivating Bennett as well.

Last year, Bennett's younger brother, Martellus, earned a super bowl ring of his own with the Patriots, tying the brothers up at a Lombardi Trophy a piece. But, #72 says that tie, won't last long.

"It's 1-1. But, it'll be 2-1 after this season and then his ring will be old again," the older Bennett stated. "But, his ring has so many diamonds. I was actually jealous when I saw it."

Bennetts younger brother, will join the Packers next season, while his old teammate, Marshawn Lynch is coming out of retirement, and heading to the Raiders. While Bennett says he'd love to see Beast Mode back in Seattle, he's just happy to see his friend get back on the grid iron again.

"I spent a lot of time with Marshawn this off-season at charity events in Haiti and Seattle and stuff so, I got to talk to him a lot," Bennett said. "I know he loves the game, and he missed it. This is good for him. I think he needed to heal a bit, and I think it's perfect, the team that he's with. I think the team - it's the city that he loves. Everything he does is Oakland. So it's great that he gets to go to this team and retire an Oakland Raider."

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