HPD, security professionals offer ways to safeguard homes, businesses from burglars

(Image: Hawaii News Now)
(Image: Hawaii News Now)

ENCHANTED LAKE, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Burglaries are an all-too-common property crime, and cases number in the thousands each year on Oahu.

In 2016 alone, 3,758 burglaries were reported. According to the Honolulu Police Department, just 207 of the cases – 5.5 percent – were solved.

Despite the low success rate, police officials say there are things you can do to stop thieves from ripping off your home or business – when it comes to burglaries, the numbers show neither are safe.

Just last week, burglars hopped a fence at Liu Trading Company and busted doors at the Kalhi business, making off with cash and tools. The whole incident was caught on camera.

David Holloway, of a company called MDH Automation, is a security expert who installs alarm and security systems in Hawaii.

"The priority of a security system, the first phase, should be prevention," Holloway said. "I cant stress the importance of keeping them out to begin with. Don't let them come in. Do everything you can to keep them out."

Without even stealing any items, burglars can do costly damage by just breaking and entering.

"What most people don't take into consideration is that once a burglary has occurred, they've forced their way into your home, they've already created about $3,500 dollars worth of damage by kicking the door in, breaking the window," Holloway added.

For Tony Borge and his wife, Elizabeth, burglary prevention meant installing a state of the art security system at their new Enchanted Lake home.

"You work too hard for your worldly possessions and you just want to protect what is yours." Borge said, "This is a nice neighborhood. It's always been, but you just never know."

Borge and his wife had motion detectors, numerous cameras, and automatic lights installed costing several thousand dollars for the smart home technology. All of it accessible on their smart phone or tablet so they don't have to pay an alarm company a monthly fee to monitor the system.

"If you're in one part of the house and somebody tries to open a door or a window or jump over a wall or whatever, I'll know about it." Borge said, "I do sleep better and just the peace of mind knowing that you doing everything that's possible."

HPD says the most common way thieves enter a home is by removing louvered windows. HPD recommends gluing down the individual louvers to the window frame to stop someone from taking them out.

"Burglars are fairly lazy, Holloway said, "and if you give them all kinds of reasons to go somewhere else they will and that's what you want."

Here's a complete list of tips from HPD on how to safeguard your home or small business from burglars. 

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