Business Report: Top states for business

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - CNBC ranks the top states for business.

CNBC gave heavy weight to work force, and points off for unions. We ranked Hawaii 48th.

It gave heavy weight to infrastructure, which works against a geographically remote state. We're 40th.

We were dead last, the worst, on cost of doing business, and on cost of living.

General economy, we ranked 35th, with points off for not being diverse in the mainland sense.

Our economy is actually much more stable than most states.

On quality of life we came in first.

California came in only 28th overall despite a first-place ranking on access to capital and second-place on technology and innovation. It was the only state ranked less business-friendly than we are.

Washington state ranked first, followed by Georgia, Minnesota and Texas.

Mississippi ranked two from the bottom overall despite ranking best on low business costs.

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