Pokemon GO celebrates one-year anniversary

Pokemon GO celebrates one-year anniversary

Pokémon GO is celebrating its one year anniversary with limited-edition Pikachu and 'anniversary boxes' as a part of its summer-long celebrations.

To the joy of many players around the world, Pokémon GO is releasing special birthday-related content for the gaming app that helped define the summer of 2016.

The game will now include two new limited-time features: a unique Pikachu wearing Ash's hat can be discovered in the wild between June 6 and July 24...

... and 'anniversary boxes' will give players an opportunity to buy discounted in-game items.

Included in the boxes are:

  • Incubators
  • Max Revives
  • Ultra Balls
  • Discounted Raid Passes

The release has not exactly been smooth sailing: the game's official Twitter account said they were working to "resolve an issue delaying the start of the one-year anniversary event." The problem has since been fixed.

The announcement of the birthday event has also received a lukewarm reaction from some players.

The announcement has some asking: is that all?

The answer is yes – for now. The company that designs the game has promised more "exciting news" this summer ahead of an event in Chicago called the Pokemon GO Fest on July 22.

The augmented reality game, which merges the Pokémon world with our own, has helped players catch nearly 125 billion Pokémon since it was released. The app has been downloaded more than 750 million times since it's debut.

In Hawaii, more people have searched for Eevee in the state than any other Pokemon this summer, according to a report by Decluttr.

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