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Pet owners devastated after dog attack in Lanikai

"Jenny" (image: Alesia Barnes) "Jenny" (image: Alesia Barnes)
"Daisy" (image: Alesia Barnes) "Daisy" (image: Alesia Barnes)
Robert Barnes (image: Alesia Barnes) Robert Barnes (image: Alesia Barnes)
"Kuuipo" (image: Hawaii News Now) "Kuuipo" (image: Hawaii News Now)
"Lilikoi" (image: Hawaii News Now) "Lilikoi" (image: Hawaii News Now)
LANIKAI, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

Tension in Lanikai after two big dogs tore apart two little dogs during an evening walk.

The owners of the little dogs believe there should be tougher laws for neighbors who can't keep their pets in line.

Robert Barnes said he and his wife were walking their three small dogs along Aalapapa Drive around 7:30 p.m. Monday when the two dogs escaped from a home.

"Before I could even move, this dog had my dog, it's head in its mouth and swinging it around and I'm screaming, ‘Help! Help! Help! Help!’ Then the next thing you know I see a second dog coming at us and it grabs the hind quarters of my dog and the two of them are trying to tear it apart," he said.

"It turned out to be Daisy! And he was shaking her around. I saw it and was like, ‘Oh no! Not daisy! Not my Daisy!" said Alesia Barnes.

The terrifying attack left the two tiny dogs with life-threatening injuries. The couple says Jenny underwent seven hours of surgery and may have brain damage. And at just four and a half pounds, they said Daisy has a fractured pelvis and may not make it.

The woman who owns the property where the big dogs came from said the dogs belong to another person who lives there. She said one is a pit-bull mix, the other is part-Labrador. She said she doesn't know how they got loose.

"I'm ripped, I'm ripped up. I'm trying to keep my composure and doing the best I can. But it was very hard for me to call Alesia this morning…I can't remember making a phone call so painful,” Lori Johnson said.

Johnson said she does not own the dogs but vows to take care of it.

"I will do anything it takes…anything it takes for the neighborhood to be safe. Everybody should walk, talk, live at anytime or any hour be able to walk the loop, be on the beach and respect one another, and if I have in anyway violated that, I will correct it," said Johnson.

The Barnes say they are facing $20,000 in medical bills. But they aren't asking the dog's owner for money. They just want the dogs gone.

"You need to take responsibility for what that dog has become and get it out of the community," said Alesia.

"How do you sleep at night when you know that you've hurt someone so deeply? Both physically and emotionally as well as a sweet little animal," Robert said.

Johnson said she is cooperating with law enforcement and the Barnes.

“I don't want to hide a thing, i don't want to cover up a thing…I will do anything it takes, and if it's getting rid of the dogs, a lot of people will be heartbroken. But it's obviously what it's looking like," she said.

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