Five days after launch, bikeshare program finally registers bikes with city

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Honolulu's controversial bike sharing program launched five days ago, but it wasn't until late Monday afternoon that the bikes were registered with the city -- all 1,000 of them.

Bikeshare Hawaii's executive director Lori McCarney says because of the size of the Biki fleet, they needed extra time to work with the city to determine the best way to register the bikes.

"Everybody should be assured that the money has come in to register the bikes. We're not trying to do anything free," she said.

Sheri Kajiwara, director of the Department of Customer Services, says the city developed a special electronic registration process for the Biki program that is much more efficient when registering multiple bikes under one owner.

"If any other organization had a thousand bicycles to register, personally I would not want them to fill out one thousand pieces of paper where 90-percent of the information is exactly the same," she said.

When asked why the Biki program launched without the proper registration, Kajiwara says that was the company's call.

The City says the company picked up all 1,000 registration decals on Monday and it has until 4pm on Friday to tag all the bicycles.

"We've had meetings with HPD, with the Department of Transportation Services, we're all in line," Kajiwara said. "We all understand the situation and we think we've got pretty much every thing under control."

Meanwhile, the delay of registration for the bikes is irking some, including companies that rent bikes to visitors.

"You wanna do a legal and legit business, you have to follow the laws," said Brent Chase, of Chase Hawaii Rentals. "I would get pulled over by a police officer. They would write me a ticket for no registration. They would impound the bicycle."

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