Humane Society gives tips on keeping pets safe over July 4 holiday

Humane Society gives tips on keeping pets safe over July 4 holiday

By Pono Suganuma
HNN Summer Intern

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - On the cusp of Fourth of July celebrations, the Hawaiian Humane Society (HHS) is reminding pet owners that loud noises and bright lights from fireworks can scare pets, increasing the risks for frightened animals running away.

The HHS is offering these valuable tips to pet owners on how to keep animals safe during the holiday celebration:

  • Keep pets in a safe place indoors
  • If pets can't be kept indoors, keep them in an enclosed area or garage.
  • Consult a veterinarian before giving your pet tranquilizers
  • Ensure pets have proper identification or microchips
  • Update contact information with the HHS
  • If your pet becomes lost, file a report with the Hawaiian Humane Society as soon as possible

Lost pets can be turned in to the HHS 24-Hour Admissions Center.

HHS stresses the importance of microchipping animals and keeping them in a safe place. Humane Society officials say a TV on at normal volume may help drown out firework noises, and help relax the pets.

"The fourth of July is a lot of fun for people, but it's really scary for pets," said Suzy Tam, communications and community events manager for HHS. "We really suggest to leave your pets at home, instead of taking them with you to fireworks show."

HHS advises pet owners against giving an animal tranquilizers without consulting a veterinarian.

"If you know your pet is really anxious and gets really stressed around the fireworks season, it would be a really good idea to call your veterinarian," Tam said. "They know your pet's health very well and they can make some great suggestions."

For more information or to report a missing pet, click here. Or call 356-2228.

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