Meet the woman who just celebrated her 102nd birthday by hitting the gym

Meet the woman who just celebrated her 102nd birthday by hitting the gym

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - We've all been there before: You try to find anything to do so you don't have to go to the gym.

But Emi Hata is not one for excuses, she's an inspiration.

On Thursday, Hata was surprised with a birthday celebration at Kakaako Fitness, two days before her 102nd birthday.

Afterwards, she began her workout.

That's right, over 100 and still hitting the gym.

"She says it's for her health," said Emi's daughter, Akemi Simon. "She comes because she knows it's good for her health."

Hata moved to Oahu from Japan more than 60 years ago. When she was in her early 80s, arthritis in her shoulder led her to trainer Pat Kamida, and the two have been working out together ever since.

"She just loves challenges," Kamida said. "Whenever I teach her an exercise, she'll just push me aside and go for it. I'm just amazed and I'm just proud of her for doing it because it's not easy at that age."

Hata trains once or twice a week. Her infectious smile a fixture for fellow gym regulars.

"She's so lively, she's so friendly. She's always talking to everyone," said Kakaako Fitness member Kristin Pereira. "I didn't know she was over 100, but when I found out, it was so impressive. Honestly, it's really refreshing to know that you can still be fit and going to the gym over 100 years old."

Don't let her age fool you, Hata certainly hasn't lost her competitive edge.

"She said to me, 'you know, I see Pat do this and she tells me to do this, but when I do it, it doesn't look the same,'" Simon recalls. "She gets all, I don't know why it doesn't look the same?"

Of course, the million dollar question -- what's the secret to living to 102 and still going strong?

"A year ago she told me when she was asked the same question, she doesn't worry about anything," Simon laughed. "That's my job."

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