Business Report: The Senate Health Care bill

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The health care vote delay is an opportunity for rank-and-file Republicans to rethink what their leaders came up with. Democrats are so busy attacking on the usual partisan grounds, they've overlooked something. The plan hurts people who voted for Trump.

Note with concern that a low-income 64-year-old will see silver plan premiums triple, and cover 17% fewer expected medical expenses. The plan cuts billions for health care to cut the capital gains tax for households making $250,000 a year.  Half the benefit of making life harder for the old, sick and poor, goes to the top 1%.

House Speaker Paul Ryan says it doesn't make people uninsured, it restores a choice not to pay. But it also makes it too expensive to pay, so how much of a choice is that?

Most of us have insurance through our employer. We're not directly affected. We're free to believe any lie we're told, so long as avoid our poor friends who know different.

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