Local Connection: Hokulea's Homecoming — Well Done

You didn't have to be Native Hawaiian to feel a lot of pride as Hokulea pulled into Magic Island on June 17th.

The three year circumnavigation of the world was both a daring adventure and a loud and clear call for protection of our island Earth. The arrival ceremony gave our entire state an opportunity to celebrate the revival of traditional wayfinding, and also the renaissance of Hawaiian music, dance, language and spirit.

Hawaii News Now was so proud to present more than nine hours of coverage that day - seen by hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

As impressive as the pageantry was however, one of the day's highlights was a humble, unwritten and unrehearsed speech.

Polynesian Voyaging Society President, master navigator Nainoa Thompson gave all the credit to others for the execution of the nearly flawless voyage. He spoke of the vision and fortitude that created and sustained Hokulea in the early years, especially Eddie Aikau's courageous attempt to get help for the swamped canoe in 1978.

Thompson reminded us that many people said none of it could be done.

He eloquently handed the mission to the next generation. Saying, "We have set out to do these things. We have done these things. And there is still 
much to do."

Well said, Nainoa. And well done.

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