Think About It: “Why?” Crimes

Vandalism of canoes at a Maunalua Bay canoe club, on rocksup at Mauna Kea, in classrooms, in city restrooms and state parks. Usuallyanonymous and obviously disturbed, frustrated people taking out there gripeslocally by causing harm when no one's looking. Time for some people toseriously assess either their anger management, problem solving, and/or socialskills issues and get help.

Someone slashing the lashings of the Hui Nalu Canoe Club'scanoes multiple times was just a senseless, pointless act, but then again allof these so-called victimless property crimes are senseless. If there is amessage ostensibly being sent, it is surely being lost in the anonymity andpointlessness of the transgressions. If someone really has a bona fide issuewith a canoe club, a school the city, or the state, then there are means bywhich to get that point across, or simply move on. Trying to instill fear,frustration, or anger is surely not a way to make a point and make it stick, orwork. Anger is a destructive emotion. Revenge is not relief.

And if we find out that some of these crimes have beencommitted by people who just have nothing better to do with their time andenergy and somehow believe due to life's frustrations that smashing a bathroomfixture or slashing a canoe tie gives them control or power, well, I hope theyexperience the full extent of the law as they also get the help soon that theyso sorely need as they grow up.  Thinkabout it…