Movie Review: ROUGH NIGHT

Scarlett Johansson plays the lead role in a comedy called ROUGH NIGHT. If you like raunchy humor, this movie will make you laugh, because ROUGH NIGHT is the female version of the male farce called THE HANGOVER.  Instead of a bachelor weekend in Vegas, ROUGH NIGHT features a bachelorette weekend in Miami set up for the character played by Scarlett Johansson and four of the women friends she went to college with ten years before.

Any farce consists of crude characters in a ridiculous plot, and ROUGH NIGHT definitely meets that standard. Much of it is hilarious but only if you enjoy vulgar humor.

Alice: Hi Peter, and get out of here; she's mine now.

Peter (Jess's fiancé): Don't get into too much trouble. OK?

Jess: Yeah, I won't.

But, of course, lots of trouble lies ahead, for Jess (played by Scarlett Johansson), but first the four old friends plus an Australian named Pippa, do some conventional partying.

Jess: This is so much fun.

The trouble starts when they go back to their rented house.

Blair: Stripper's here.

Jess: Oh no! (She covers her face.)

(He removes his shirt….)

Pippa: Make him feel special.

Alice: My turn. (She leaps on the stripper)

Alice: Somebody call an ambulance!

Jess: He's dead.

Alice: Oh God. I killed a guy.

Pippa: Want me to call the police?

Jess: No, no. no. Let's sober up and then we'll call the police.

Blair: Let's get rid of all the drugs.

(Alice starts snorting cocaine of a table.)

Jess: Not by doing them!

Obviously, in real life an accidental death would be tragic, but in this crazy film, it's merely an excuse for these women to take ridiculously stupid actions after they consult a lawyer by phone.

Lawyer: Sounds like this was an accident.

Blair: Thank God.

Lawyer: Just don't touch the body.

Jess: What?

Pippin: Ok. So actually we've already moved him.

Lawyer: That could be up to 15 years in prison.

Frankie: Oh my God.

Blair: What?

The women come up with some truly insane ideas for getting rid the corpse. Kate McKinnon as Pippin is the funniest person in the group.

Pippa: There was this guy in Australia who cooked his girlfriend and ate her. I can't because I am vegan but….

I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I enjoyed watching ROUGH NIGHT, but sometimes entertainment that goes way beyond the boundaries of good taste is just plain funny.

Terry Hunter, Hawaii News Now.