Business Report: Fishing regulations

The Western Pacific Regional Fisheries Management Council met this week and decided to recommend lower catch limits on three fishing groups.

Guam jacks, under 24,000 pounds, which cuts the limit by more than 5,000 pounds.

Hawaii crustaceans, which mostly means white crab, under 32,000 pounds.

Hawaii mollusks, mostly day octopus, under 28,000 pounds, down more than 5,000 pounds from the previous catch limit.

The fisheries council does not propose lower catch limits for the Samoan rabbitfish, or the Micronesian slipper lobster.

There are also a lot of proposed rule adjustments for the tuna industry.

A challenge for anyone trying to measure commercial fishing is the heavy reliance on self-reporting, and fleets from other nations that flout the rules.

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