Billy V: 'Han Solo' gets new director, Aulii in NYC, GOT season 7 trailer, The Rock stops traffic for a fan

It didn't take long. The Han Solo - Star Wars spinoff has a new director - and it is Oscar Winning filmmaker Ron Howard. This is happening after the movies original directors were fired Tuesday while in the middle of production. They wanted to put in more humor and encouraged improvisation, something co-writer/producer Lawrence Kasdan didn't like. Howard will jump in immediately; there are still several weeks left in the current shooting schedule, Another five weeks of re-shoots was already on the books but now Howard may order more depending on re-writes and reshooting.

We're getting some looks at the new cast of the NBC Television show called "Rise". Among the cast members: our own Aulii Cravahlo. She was just here in Honolulu for the arrival of Hokule'a but she is already making the transition to living in New York. That's where the new show is based. These pictures were posted on Aulii's FB page. Among the cast members we recognize Damon J. Gillespie and Josh Radnor. The show will debut in the fall.

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