Business Report: Hawaii unemployment by island

National unemployment right now is 4.3 percent. But the county jobless rates in Hawaii come within three tenths on either side of 3 percent.

Kauai is at 3 percent flat. The level economists call "full employment." At 3 percent, jobs go begging, and anyone who can't find a job needs different skills.

Oahu is even lower, 2.6 percent, or two-tenths lower than at this time last year.

Maui County, like Kauai, is at 3 percent. That breaks down to 2.9 on the island of Maui, 3.4 on Lanai, 6.7 on Molokai.

Molokai is four-tenths lower than last year. Lanai had double the unemployment back then when the resorts were closed for renovations.

Big Island unemployment is 3.3 percent, down five-tenths from last year.

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