Billy V: Gene Simmons wants to own 'I Love You,' Oprah is Wonder Woman, Hawaii's star chasers

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Watch out rockers:  Watch what you do with your hand and your fingers. Gene Simmons is attempting to trademark the classic hand gesture of your thumb, pointer and pinky. The KISS lead singer filed the application with the United States Patent and Trade Mark Office. He says the horns hand movement is his own, he claims he first used it "In Commerce" on November 14, 1974. At that time KISS was on tour supporting their second album "Hotter Than Hell". He also flashed it on the cover of 1977's 'Love Gun'. It's also the American Sign Language Symbol for "I Love You"

Oprah hosted an epic "Wonder Woman" themed party and really got into the spirit. Even Oprah's dog Sadie got into the spirit. Oprah hosted the screening of the film at her house. It's not surprising Winfrey hosted the party. She's long been mentoring girls with Leadership Academy for Girls for ten years.

Two local kids are making headlines. They've have met hundreds of celebs in their quest for star-studded souvenirs. Best friends 10-year-old Shayla Shimabukuro and 11-year-old Jaeden Yoro are from Oahu. The duo have taken pictures with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Adam Sandler, and Mariah Carey, just to name a few.  They started collecting autographs with their parents, meeting celebs at Honolulu's airport and at hotels around Hawaii. Just this past weekend -- the two met Chris Pratt on his way to film Jurassic Park 2. So who's next? We're told their ultimate goal is to meet Bruno Mars!

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