Business Report: Transplants living in other states

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The guy behind the website Flowing Data took an old 1800s federal publication and updated it. The result is old-looking maps showing new data. One map shows people who were born in a different state.

The lightest areas have 3% transplants or less. The darkest areas, up to 84%. Hawaii is sensitive to transplants because we malehini don't always get the local culture. More than half the population of both Maui and Kauai are transplants. Just on our show we have people born in Missouri, Alabama, even Taiwan. And, of course, Billy, Mileka and Lacy, who all came from the Big Island.

I remember, in my years working in D.C., how unusual I was, born and raised in Maryland. Almost everybody in D.C. comes from somewhere else.
Parts of Alaska are like that, and much of Nevada. New Yorkers move to Vermont. Bostonians move to New Hampshire. Maryland has a lot of transplants from Pennsylvania and West Virginia. A lot of Northerners retire to Florida or Arizona.

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