Local Connection: Hokulea's Homecoming

The successful three-year, around the world voyage of Hokulea will end this weekend. This is truly a triumph of both human, and Hawaiian spirit that deserves the great celebration she will receive.

As she circled the globe, Hokulea taught millions of people that the story of the Hawaiian people began by crossing thousands of miles of ocean, while European vessels still hugged the shoreline. It was ancient voyagers' intimate relationship with nature that made it possible.

Hokulea's voyage stands as a reminder that humans must respect and treasure nature as well.

The Polynesian voyaging society and its President Nainoa Thompson have accomplished what could only be imagined four decades ago, when waterman Eddie Aikau lost his life going for help when the Hokulea capsized in stormy seas.

Since that tragedy, Hokulea and the reawakening of Polynesian navigation have become symbolic of the Hawaiian cultural renaissance.

For many, the ceremony that welcomes home the voyaging canoe on Saturday will be a celebration of that renaissance as well.

Hawaii News Now will provide five hours of live coverage beginning at 7 Saturday morning. We are deeply honored to be part of the welcome home celebration.

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