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Kamehameha Schools hold educational summit in honor of Hokulea's return

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When Kamehameha made the decision to support the voyage of Hokulea in 2013 as the education sponsor, it was somewhat risky. No one had ever done something like this before. But the Trustees and leaders at Kamehameha signed on to the promise and backed it with funding and in-kind support because they believed in the vision, the urgency of caring for our planet, and the brilliance of Hawaiian culture and everything that voyaging has brought to restoring the cultural vibrancy of our lahui.

As an educational organization carrying the name of Kamehameha Nui and the legacy of Ke Ali?i Pauahi, there was no question that Kamehameha needed to be a part of this voyage because of the message that it carries to all children around the world, and especially to our haumana and our keiki about their future; the future that they will be called upon to navigate us through safely. The voyage represents an amazing opportunity for them to learn unique skills as future local and global leaders.

As a grass roots, ?ohana-based organization, the continued successes of the Polynesian Voyaging Society are a tribute to Pinky Thompson and many others who envisioned and built this organization. These successes, sometimes against all odds it seems, are a tribute to leaders like Nainoa, Aunty Laura, Bruce and others in our community. These leaders are models of the humility, service, courage, and compassion that it takes to navigate through challenge and opportunity with clear vision.

Now that the canoe has traveled the world, people have come to know the name “Hokule’a” and the term “Polynesian Voyaging.” Hopefully they are reminders of concepts like aloha - as the greatest truth, compassion, earth justice, ocean connections, ancestral wisdom, leadership.

Hokule?a has always been a living treasure to us here at home and in the Pacific. Now, she is a living treasure to diverse peoples and communities all around the world. She represents a gift that we in Hawai?i can share and learn from locally and globally, and her sails are filled by all of the aloha that carried her around the world safely, bringing that mana back to us here in Hawai?i, our precious islands.

The voyage has helped develop an impressive cadre of new ?oiwi leaders. They understand kuleana. They understand family. They know how to face their fears and take on the challenges in front of them. In addition, they understand when to follow, when it?s time to tow the line, do the hard work and learn in that doing, ma ka hana ka ?ike. They know how to take risks and how to be creative. That?s not to say they are finished products, but through the experiences of the voyage, we can witness their dedication to learning and growing. They are role models. And, we are proud that many of them are graduates of Kamehameha Schools or have been mentored by our alumni in many walks of life. We look forward to seeing their amazing journeys and continued successes ahead as they live and ensure the vibrancy of our culture and knowledge.

Kamehameha Schools vision is for a thriving Lahui. Culturally, for our Lahui to thrive, our islands, our earth must also thrive because of the deep interrelationship between people, land, and sea. This kinship is captured in the values we lead by at Kamehameha Schools, driving two of our cultural principles to ho?ola lahui and aloha ?aina. These messages are deeply embedded in the values and actions that Malama Honua represents.

At the summit this week, is an excellent opportunity to learn about Malama Honua stories of hope inspired by the voyage. You?ll see educational exhibits highlighting voyaging, education, environment, and well-being, as well as learn about what’s next for Hokule‘a and how you can help to navigate alongside us towards a brighter future for our haumana and our Lahui.

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