Movie Review: WONDER WOMAN

WONDER WOMAN, the new super heroine movie, made history by taking in 103 million dollars during its first three days in theaters, the largest weekend box office haul ever for a film directed by a woman. It took 75 years after she was created as a comic book character for Wonder Woman to finally get her own blockbuster film, directed by Patty Jenkins. And happily, it's a well made, often funny movie with a star making performance from Gal Gadot in the title role.

Gadot, the Israeli actress who first gained notice in this country in the Fast and Furious movies, has just the right mix of bravura and charisma to play a woman with super powers in this entertaining story of how the super heroine got her start.

Trained to fight on an isolated island populated only by females, Diana Prince, as she is also known, is more than a little naive. When Steve Trevor, a World War I soldier played by Chris Pine, crashes his plane off shore, her real education begins.

And so does his.

Diana: The lasso compels you to tell the truth.

Her mother: What is your mission.

Steve: I'm a…..(breathing hard)…spy.  I'm a spy. I'm a spy.

When Diana learns about the first World War, she is convinced that Ares, the son of the Greek god, Zeus, is responsible, and she's determined to kill him.

Diana: If no one else will defend the world, I must.

And so she leaves her island with Steve.

Steve: Welcome to jolly old London.

Diana: It's hideous.

Steve: Yeah, it's not for everybody.

In London she's a fish out of water.

Steve: You gotta put the sword down, Diana, please.

Steve's secretary: It doesn't go with the outfit.

Steve: At all.

The chemistry between the two actors and their many humorous exchanges are refreshing.

Steve: Stand back! (she stops a bullet with her bracelet)....or maybe not.

The action scenes are well choreographed although, like most films of this genre, the explosive climax is so overdone it almost seems silly. And at two hours and twenty one minutes, the film goes on just a little too long.

But overall, this way overdue WONDER WOMAN movie will give most audiences the kind of summer fun they're looking for.

Terry Hunter, Hawaii News Now.