Local Connection: Kona farmer deportation

The effort to deport a successful Kona coffee farmer became national news last week when a powerful appeals court judge said the removal was inhumane and contrary to American values.

Andres Magana was brought to America when he was 15 to join his mother who had crossed the border to find work. He eventually settled in Kona where he built his farming business, raised a family and became a respected leader in the industry.

Yes, Andres Magana was not hear legally, but it was not his choice to come in the first place.

He made the best possible life for himself after starting with nothing. He's been seeking legal status for years. He's now paying taxes, creating jobs, contributing to his community and caring for his family.

The process to remove him actually began years ago, but his attorney says the Trump administration no longer allows undocumented immigrants to stay in the country while they seek legal status.

It would be impossible to remove every undocumented alien from this country. The government has to pick and choose who gets deported and who gets to stay. President Trump promised to focus on "the bad hombres."

So, it is hard to comprehend why the government is putting so much resources into deporting this man when there are certainly many more who actually deserve it.  And when removing him will do far more harm than good.

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