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SmartMoney Monday: Creating a wedding budget

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June is usually a big month for weddings. If you're putting together a wedding, one of the first, and least romantic parts about a wedding, is to create a budget.Being realistic in your expectations is just the first step in planning for your big day, but you also want to keep in mind how much you'll need to save in order to achieve your goals.

One of the biggest cost drivers is the number of guests. There's a per-head cost for everything, so really think through the size of your guest list. Location and time of day can also add to your bottom line/. Daytime weddings often cost less as do weddings that occur on a weekday versus a weekend. So keep your options open. Maybe you can't compromise on a long guests list but maybe you can have a daytime reception to keep costs down.

The reception is about half of the wedding budget. Attire, flowers, entertainment and photography and videography are each about 8 to 10 percent. It all adds up pretty quickly, but that's why it's a good idea to get a credit card that earns points to pay for the wedding. Because as all those costs quickly add up, so do the points you can earn.

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