Business Report: How local pay compares to mainland pay

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - American City Business Journals has been studying salaries around the U.S. This chart in PBN shows Hawaii average salaries compared to the mainland. Most wages are lower here. But there are exceptions.

Realtors do better here because they make a percentage of sale price. Food service workers at the bottom of the pay scale find the bottom is higher here. Wages are higher here for nurses. Carpenters and plumbers do better here because they're more likely to belong to unions. But most professions pay less. Lawyers make less on average here, and pharmacists, and I.T. people, and CEOs.

Your own situation depends on whether you rent, make mortgage payments, or own a home. When we talk about the cost of Paradise we usually complain about gas prices or taxes. But many states have longer commutes. And lots of cities have higher taxes than we do. The real issue is housing - no matter what you do.

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