Great opportunity awaits for high school athletes, Rolo and staff at UH Football Elite Camp

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - One week from today, high school football players in Hawaii will get to show their stuff to big-name college football coaches. The opportunity comes at the UH football elite camp, the only camp in Hawaii this summer that allows division one coaches to work with players.

Alongside Nick Rolovich and the Rainbow Warriors staff will be a plethora of other programs including six Pac-12 schools, among them the likes of Washington and USC.

"I look forward to telling Chris Peterson what to do and coach Helton at USC, because we're in charge over here," Rolovich quipped.

All joking aside, thanks in part to Jim Harbaugh's Summer Swarm satellite camp tour last summer that included a stop in Hawaii, the NCAA's limitation on camps gave the power back to school's on their home turf.

"For us, having it on our campus, having other schools without us being in charge of it was a little hard to swallow," said the UH head coach.

Now Rolo has the option on which schools they want involved, and the list includes more than 20 and roughly 50 coaches. But there was a method as to who to include and who to leave out.

"Anybody here that we play next year," Rolovich said of what programs they avoided. "I think there's some benefit to some of the relationships on the west coast with some of the Pac-12 schools."

Later this summer, some UH coaches will take part in two camps at USC, Craig Stutzmann will be at Washington, and others at Cal. It's a chance to grow the Rainbow Warriors brand on the west coast, but the priority remains keeping the local talent in the islands.

"Guys who want to stay home, this is a great opportunity for them," said Rolovich. "Of course there are going to be guys who want to go away and families that want them to go away.  That seems to be the hip thing right now, but there's still a lot of storied history of local boys doing great things. You combine that with mainland recruits that are interested in learning the culture and something different and the unique experience, it can really turn the locker room into a real special place."

The camp will be held June 9 and 10 and is open to any kids entering 9th through 12th grade. For registration information, click here.

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