Business Report: Stocks that are worth more than $1,000

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Amazon closed at $1,001 a share.  This morning, profit taking has barely dented that - $998 a share. Only 14 other U.S. stocks have shared prices that high, and the only other tech stock above $1,000 is Priceline. Amazon is four times more valuable than the other 14 companies combined. Amazon has split three times since its 1997 IPO. Had it not split, the original stock would now be worth $12,000.

Priceline has gained $20 billion in market value in just five months. Amazon has gained $96 billion. Alphabet, that's the company the owns Google, Android and YouTube, has gained $102 billion and is only slightly behind Amazon on share price. And Apple has gained $156 billion, because, as Warren Buffett said, some people feel they're not buying a tech stock, they're buying a company that is highly successful as selling consumer products.

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