Business Report: Hawaii's Best-Selling New Vehicles

Based on winter sales, Toyota is the top-selling automaker here, more than 4,000 vehicles if you count Toyota's luxury nameplate Lexus.

Honda is second, more than 25 hundred if you count Acura.

Nissan is third, 16 hundred if you count ITS luxury nameplate Infiniti.

Mazda and Subaru both sold more than 400 vehicles.

The three American automakers are next, Ford at 12 hundred if you count the four Lincolns it sold.

Chevrolet under 900 even if you count GMC trucks, Buicks and Cadillacs.

Chrysler sold slightly fewer even if you count Chrysler, Dodge, Dodge Ram and Jeep.

The two Korean automakers Kia and Hyundai together more than 900 vehicles.

Of the German automakers, BMW sold more than 400 BMWs and Minis.

Mercedes sold 357 while Volkswagen sold more than 400 VWs, Audis and Porsches.

And Tesla sold more than 100 vehicles, more than Jaguar and Fiat combined.

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