Business Report: The most popular baby names

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The new list is based on Social Security registrations of births from 2015. Once again the top names were Noah and Emma. Certain long-term trends continue. A fondness for names given glamor by celebrities – Liam, and Sophia. And periodic mining of names from the Old Testament – Jacob, Elijah. Social Security also crunches the data by state. So let's look at the most popular names in Hawaii.

We see many of the same names in only slightly different order. And some different Biblical names, like Ezekiel and Caleb. The first Hawaiian name is Kai, at number 28. The database also lets you check one name and see in-what-years it was most popular. Howard was the 24th most popular boy's name in 1919, when my dad was born. He's also a Howard. In 1953 when I was born, Howard was only the 77th most popular name. Today it's 900th. Steve peaked in 1959 as 41st most popular. But add Steven and Stefan, and you're in the top 200. Daniel peaked in 2005 at fifth most popular. Grace was 15th most popular in 1901, fell almost to 400 in the seventies, and is back up to 19th. Lacy is a less common name, but peaked in the 1980s at 242nd.

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