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No setbacks for UH in latest NCAA Academic Progress Report

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University of Hawai'i at Manoa Athletics remained competitive amongst its peers in the latest Academic Performance Rate (APR), which was released by the NCAA, Wednesday. UHM posted an all-sport APR of 976 out of 1,000, an all-time high, besting last year's mark of 973.

Twelve of UHM's 18 sports posted multi-year scores of 970 or higher while five teams recorded perfect single-year scores of 1,000 during the 2015-16 year. In addition, eight programs recorded multi-year rates equal or higher than their sport's respective national averages – football (968, national average: 966), men's golf (993, 984), women's basketball (986, 980), women's golf (1,000, 990), women's softball (988, 983), women's soccer (987, 986), women's tennis (1,000, 988), and women's track and field (982, 982). The football team's score of 968 is fourth highest among its Mountain West peers.

The APR is calculated based on the number of student-athletes on scholarship and those who are retained and remain eligible for competition. Teams with a four-year score below 930 or a 950 average over the most recent two years, can be penalized by a loss of scholarships and post-season ban. The multi-year rate includes single-year scores from the past four academic years (2012-13, 2013-14, 2014-15, and 2015-16) and for the ninth consecutive year, no UHM team will be penalized with loss of scholarship.

"We continue to better our scores," Athletics Director David Matlin said. "Our focus is improving retention and providing the best environment for our student-athletes to thrive and succeed. Graduation is the goal and we will be celebrating that achievement with significant number of graduates this Saturday."

Faculty Athletic Representative David Ericson added, "In particular, we are heartened by the continuous improvement in the APR score by the football team. We were already above many of our peers, but this shows that we are moving even higher under the leadership of Coach Rolovich."

The five UHM teams that posted perfect single-year scores were men's golf, men's swimming and diving, women's golf, women's tennis, and women's water polo. Both women's golf and women's tennis achieved perfect scores for the fourth consecutive year. Women's water polo had the highest multi-rate improvement (21 points) amongst all teams while men's swimming and diving recorded the best single-year increase (65 points) with women's water polo a close second (63 points).

The postseason ban levied on the men's basketball team that was since rescinded, affected the team's single-year APR score of 886. However, its multi-year score of 937 is still above the 930 benchmark that could have resulted in additional penalties.

Sport 2015-16
Multi-Year National Average Notes
Men's Baseball 950 969 973 Single-year -39 compared to LY
Men's Basketball 886 937 966 Postseason ban affected single-year score of 886
Men's Football 976 968 966 3rd straight improvement in single-year score
Men's Golf 1,000 993 984 Single-year +53 from LY; 3rd perfect score in last 4 years
Men's Swim & Dive 1,000 962 979 Single-year 1,000; +65 from LY highest among teams
Men's Tennis 966 975 981 Single-year dropped to 966 after two straight 1,000s
Men's Volleyball 983 945 988 Single-year +106 compared to LY
Women's Basketball 981 986 980 Single-year score of 980 or higher in 4 of last 6 years
Women's Beach Volleyball 958 958 993 First reporting year
Women's Cross Country 975 985 988 Multi-year +8 compared to LY
Women's Golf 1,000 1,000 990 4th straight single-year 1,000 score
Women's Softball 970 988 983 No change in multi-year score from LY
Women's Soccer 988 987 986 Single-year score of 986 or better last 4 years
Women's Swim & Dive 989 979 991 Single-year +27 from LY
Women's Tennis 1,000 1,000 988 4th straight single-year 1,000 score
Women's Track & Field 990 982 982 Multi-year increase for 5th straight year
Women's Volleyball 979 973 987 Single-year 979 highest in last 4 years
Women's Water Polo 1,000 986 989 Single-year +63 from LY; multi-year +21



Now in its 13th year, the NCAA Committee on Academic Performance instituted the APR data requirements beginning in the 2003-04 academic year. The benchmark of 930 projects to an NCAA Graduation Success Rate of approximately 50 percent. The overall goal of measuring APRs is to encourage improved academic performance and help institutional administrators examine admission policies, retention and graduation rates, and improve academic support for student-athletes. Only student-athletes on scholarship are factored into the APR scores.

UH fields 21 intercollegiate sports programs, however, the NCAA's APR only includes 18 as indoor and outdoor track and field are counted as one score and coed and women's sailing are non-NCAA sports.

More information about the APR is available on the NCAA website (

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