Business Report: American mortality

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - As we have seen, health care is a big American problem and a big American economic sector. With that mind, people are paying fresh attention to morality, and the fact that it's highly variable. This map is making the rounds, showing longevity rates by county. The darker the color, the shorter the life expectancy.

In South Dakota, for example, we find Oglala Lakota County. Mortality here is more than twice the national average. In Kentucky and West Virginia, we find several similar counties. Along the Mississippi River, we find more counties, where the phenomenon is almost as extreme. It's not race. Because the Dakota counties are on Indian reservations. The Mississippi valley counties are predominantly black. The Kentucky and West Virginia counties are more than 95% white. It's not race - it's poverty. Oglala Lakota County is the poorest in America. Todd County is third poorest. The national poverty rate is 16% - in these parts is more than 40%.

Unemployment, low wages and poverty are also rampant in these other places.

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