Business Report: The trillion-dollar federal budget deal

Business Report: The trillion-dollar federal budget deal

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - There's $2 billion for borders – not enough for a wall, but it IS enough to repair existing fences and use drones and sensors to watch for crossings.  Immigration and Customs got a bump but no hiring spree.  The Justice Department got cut but there's more for the FBI and ATF.  TSA gets $300 million more for screeners and dogs, but they're NOT raising your ticket fees.

On health and welfare, CDC and NIH got more money for research.  Coal miners got their health coverage extended.  Tobacco states failed to block FDA from regulating alternative delivery methods for nicotine. EPA takes a small budget cut. Food stamps are reduced.

Other stuff - the deal HIKES funding for the arts, slightly. National Parks get a bump for maintenance. IRS funding is frozen. Amtrak got an increase. The National Science Foundation keeps its funding.

Attention, Elmo: Congress did NOT to cut the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

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