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Sunrise Shape Up: Focus on the Core

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

Today on Sunrise Shape up we're focusing on the core. Bryan and Phil from Clark Hatch Fitness and these are 3 simple exercises that we're gonna give them right now that really focus on a very important area of the body.
Yes, very simple exercises, very effective. You can do them at home. We're working on core. We're working on balance. You can see how he's performing the exercise right now. Bryan can elaborate a little on what he's doing.
Owen is working on stabilizing through his core. And by lifting the opposite arm and leg, the further away from the body you go the more it challenges here.
We have Theron here as well. He's going to be working on his balance and his coordination. This is coming through his core, stepping side to side laterally. Often throughout our day our movement is forward-plain. So it's good to add these types of exercises in. As you can see he's working through his midsection. His legs are working hard and his upper body.
Actually before we move on to the next one, I like what Theron's doing. It's challenging enough where even the most elite of athletes can do it. Joe Schmoe's like myself can do it. Anyone can do it right, you can just vary your cadence and the level of difficulty as well, right?
Exactly. So now we can use Phil as an example as an athlete to do the same exercise. You can actually do it a little more explosive and jump side-to-side.
This right here, this is my favorite exercise right here. This one puts a smile on everyone's face. For stress release, for exercise, for working through your arms, it's perfect. So you lift the ball up overhead, engaging through your abs a little bit, squeeze your bum muscles and then just let it rip, throw the ball into the ground and then pick it up again. So good way to strengthen the back, the mid-section, the arms. Another cardio-based exercise when you get the heart pumping.
I like that part because it's really stress release. Any problem you have at home or at work, you bring it to the gym and you just throw that puppy on the ground.
Exactly, and we could right now show you a demonstration if Phil would be willing to give it a jump and an explosion. So...
Maybe not jump. He is a former basketball player.
Ha! So you can really let it rip. You can see it's explosive.
Now a lot of people are looking at this and thinking ok, how do I incorporate this into a workout? Well you could probably take these 3 exercises at home, throw in some push-ups and crunches and make a 5-exercise circuit?
Exactly. So you could superset it with an exercise you feel comfortable with already, whether it be a push-up with a ball slam, whether it be a squat and some ice skaters, and then whether it be some crunches and then the exercise we showed you with Owen with the opposite arm and leg. So it just gives you variety and something different you could do that would just to mix things up and allow you to work a little more on your core and your balance. 
So what we're going to do is we're going to take some of these exercises, we're going to put them on our website so you can have a workout that you can do for yourself right there at home.

Bryan Watkins' Advice:

- Add ice skaters with a leg exercise such as squats

- Ball slams with a upper body movement such as Chest press or Lat pull downs 

- Opposite arm and leg raise with crunches or sit ups

Complete three rounds of 10 reps of each exercise

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