Lawmakers: Allow judges to force repeat DUI offenders to wear monitoring bracelets

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Hawaii law is pretty tough on repeat drunk drivers. But still, 1 in 10 alcohol related accidents involve a repeat offender.

Lawmakers now want to force repeat offenders to wear alcohol monitoring bracelets.

"This makes our roads safer. It gives something for those who have already offended something to think about. That this is something that will happen," said state Rep. Henry Aquino.

Aquino was co-chair of the House conference committee which, along with the Senate conference committee, approved the measure on Wednesday. It gives judges the authority to require the bracelet for offenders who get two DUIs within five years.

"It's really the people who go on to offend again, again and again that pose a really serious danger on the road," said Alison Betts, spokeswoman for SCRAM Systems, a potential vendor.

The bill received opposition from the Mothers Against Drunk Driving. They said that unlike ignition interlocks, monitoring bracelets don't prevent drunk drivers from getting in their cars.

They added that the cost -- about $8 to $10 a day -- is much higher than the cost of ignition interlocks, which could prevent DUI offenders from installing the special device in their cars.

The measure next goes to the full Senate and House for approval.

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