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After 10 years, a mother's search for her son is over. Now, he just needs to call her

(Image: Family and HPD) (Image: Family and HPD)

A mother's decade-long search for her missing son finally over.

On Monday, HNN reported on the woman's search for her son, Bobby Hall, who has been homeless and bouncing in and out of jail since 2009.

His mother, Renee Hall, lost touch with him a decade ago, shortly after his son and father died.

After HNN's report, homeless outreach workers were able to track him down.

According to arrest records, Hall was taken into custody near the Honolulu Zoo just hours before the story aired.

On Tuesday afternoon he was arraigned on charges of open lewdness.

For years, his mother didn't know if her son was even alive -- until a Google search turned up a HNN story that profiled him as part of a push to bolster mental health resources in Hawaii.

Outreach workers were in the courtroom Tuesday to make sure he got his mother's phone number.

"Potentially, he could call his mom from jail," said Justin Phillips, Institute for Human Services. "We're going to try and connect with him and offer him services before he's released versus him being released with no plan. We really want him to come out with a plan of action so this cycle doesn't continue."

Relatives say they remember Hall as a talented musician and skilled carpenter.  

They also recall his trouble with alcohol.

His mother believes the sudden loss of his teenage son about 10 years ago combined with the death of his father pushed him over the edge.

Hawaii News Now spoke with Hall's mother Renee after the hearing.

She said his family is relieved to know where he is, and Hall hopes to hear from him soon.

Hall will remain in jail at least until his next court date on May 2.

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