Hawaiian Electric touts renewable energy progress

Hawaiian Electric touts renewable energy progress

Associated Press

HONOLULU (AP) - Hawaii's largest utility is celebrating Earth Day by touting its progress replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy.

The Hawaiian Electric Companies generated 26 percent of the electricity its customers used from renewable sources in 2016.

More than a third of the electricity came from rooftop solar panels, which were followed closely by wind turbines.

On Hawaii Island more than half of the energy used came from renewable resources, and Maui reached 37 percent renewables.

On Oahu 19 percent came from renewables.

The company reduced its oil usage by 10.7 million barrels from 2008 to 2016, a 21 percent decrease.

The state of Hawaii has a mandate to reach 100 percent renewable energy by 2045. Hawaiian Electric says it expects to reach that goal five years early.

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